High Jump

I used to tell my mom that I would go somewhere with track. I started out running long events like 800, 1600, the mile, etc. I always wanted to be a 100 runner, but I never had the footspeed for that. I had great stamina though, and I was great at pacing myself for my age. I found basketball and kind of gave up running because the NBA dream was in my head. It was in my head up until I was a senior in high school averaging a measly 6.5 points and zero division one offers coming out of high school. Flashback to my sophomore year and when I got back into track and field. 

I got back into track and field when my jumps coach saw me dunk in a basketball game. She came up to me that week during PE and said you should definitely try high jump. We did a practice meet and my first time jumping I cleared 6 foot, I honestly didn’t know how good that was. I ended up clearing 6’3 that year and winning the sectional championship. My Junior year I cleared 6’4 and went onto regionals, but didn’t make it to state. Senior year my coach and I had one goal that was to go to state and get a scholarship. Beginning of the season I jumped 6’6, a few days later I jumped 6’9. As the season progressed I jumped 6’10 and once tournament time rolled around I cleared 7 foot. I received a call from Coach Walker and he said I could be the best high jumper in louisville history and offered me later that week. 

I have this love/hate relationship with high jump. In my mind I am the best high jumper in the nation and sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn’t. High jump is very frustrating because it’s so hard to do the same jump every time. As I get older and closer to my goals I’m starting to figure it out, that’s what makes it all worth it. I believe that I can get myself a national championship before I leave the university of louisville.