More Life 🌺

Drake, a rapper from Toronto, Canada, recently dropped his sixth studio album, More Life. A lot of people that I hang around didn’t really like because they wanted him to come hard with a bunch of bars. If you’re a true Drake fan though, you know that he’s never just rapped on every song. He raps and sings, he’s always been that way so why would he change after his sixth album? I actually had zero problems with the album. I loved how it hand a few bangers, but also had songs you just sit and chill to. 

Drake has been the talk of the rap game for years, whether it be negative or positive he is the talk nonetheless. In this album Drake shows his versatility and just why he’s the best in the game right now. The intro Free Smoke allows Drake to rap and drop some serious bars. The next track No Long Talk he comes even harder than he did on the intro. Then the next few songs he’s singing and doing his famous chill story telling raps in Jorja Interlude. In this album Drake shows how to keep everybody on their toes, you never know what you’re going to get with Drake. All that you know is that you’re going to get some good music. Drake obviously like other rappers that like to try new things showed that he hadn’t lost his old touch or sound with Teenage Fever and Since Way Back. I give this album a solid 8.75/10. I highly recommend that you listen to this album, but to get the full effect don’t try to listen to it on the go, listen to it when you have down time and aren’t busy.