Athlete compensation?

I’ve heard this debate for years. Do athletes deserve to be paid? I honestly think they should, but I’m not blind to the fact that only certain athletes bring in revenue to the school. I believe that if nothing else the athletes that play in the NCAA championship and tournament should receive some type of pention for their play. I say that because everybody, but the athlete gets paid. Roy Williams got a 900k dollar bonus for winning the national championship. What did the athletes receive? T-shirts, hats and memories. The NCAA makes loads of money off of these athletes and they constantly say that an athlete is a student first and athlete second. I believe that athletes are only students first when they’re in the offseason and during the summer. The ncaa treats athletes like sponges, they try to squeeze everything out of them before they leave. It’s a very unfair situation, they sell athletes jerseys and the athlete sees none of that money. There needs to be a some type of solution because I believe that the athlete could and will boycott the NCAA. Without any athletes there will be no revenue. 


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