Time to Hush?

Over the course of this year Lonzo Ball has played basketball at a very high level. He’s developed a lot of talk, he’s even got talks of him becoming the number 1 pick in the draft, rightfully so. His father has talked very highly of him, which every father should do about their kid. At first it was, wow he has a lot of confidence in his son. Over the past few months though, his mouth is starting to become a question. Is it time for Lavar Ball to keep his mouth shut?

He’s come out and said lots of suspect things, such as his son is better than the reigning 2-time MVP Stephen Curry. Which I myself am not too big on Steph Curry so I let that go. Later on he started talking about how Lebron James’ kids won’t be as good as him. I started to pay more attention to him when he said that because I’m a huge Lebron fan. I am also a family man and  you never talk about anybodies family, I believe when it comes to family if you don’t have anything nice or positive to say keep it to yourself. Finally he then said he could beat arguably the greatest basketball player ever Michael Jordan in a game of 1 on 1. That’s when I started thinking to myself is it really about his sons or is it about him? I’m all for supporting your kid and I respect that he believes in all of us kids, but it’s starting to seem like he’s trying to live his old dream through his kids. That’s what I don’t like, I don’t think it’s cool to try to live through your kids. At the end of the day its about Lonzo, Gelo, and Melo not Lavar. Now this is no knock on his parenting because he’s obviously doing a wonderful job, but don’t make it about you.

I said all that to say this Lavar should start to watch what he says because people will start to target your sons because of what you say or do. Lonzo could always not live up to expectation and then Lavar would really  have his foot in his mouth. A lot that you say really could effect you in a positive or negative way.


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