Win or Else

As you all know Kevin Durant recently signed a 2 year deal with the already loaded Golden State Warriors. Here’s a little background on the Golden State Warriors. Last season they won a record breaking 73 games during the regular, capping off the greatest NBA regular season ever. They went down 3-1 against the OKC which threatened their run at a great post season. Heroics from Curry and Thompson surged them past the Thunder. The Golden State Warriors went to the NBA FINALS and went of 3-1 against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They ended up blowing the lead and cavs won their first championship in 55+ years. 

The summer came and the warriors signed Kevin Durant. This was huge news around the world because the warriors were already stacked, but adding arguably the second basketball player in the world to your team is HUGE. Kevin Durant can literally average 28 points a game in his sleep. He can score 30 on any given night and watching the warriors this season he’s had one 40 point game shooting less than 20 shots, that in itself is absolutely ridiculous to me. 

Adding Kevin Durant adds loads of pressure to him and the warriors. Why? Because if we’re all being honest they should’ve won last year. I’m very glad that they didn’t win, but lets face it they choked out those last 3 games. Adding Kevin Durant makes a loss in the finals this year all the summer time roster changes not worth it at all. Kevin Durant definitely took the easy way out and that’s going to taint his legacy no matter what, but losing will be a MAJOR HIT to his legacy. So, Kevin Duranr and the GS Warriors have no other option, but to win. 


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