Everybody who knows me knows that I am a huge lover of music and I am a tough critic. When I first heard about Travis Scott I was a little hard on him because early on his music career he didn’t really know his sound. He was all over the place and I couldn’t really get with him like I wanted to. I gave him another chance when dropped his album Rodeo, which was solid. I thought that album was kind of all over the place, but it had good music on it.

This year Travis Scott recently dropped an album called Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight. In my honest opinion I thought it should’ve won a grammy or at least been nominated for one. I actually waited for this album, I had never done this for any album, but for some reason I waited for this one to drop. Wow, when it dropped it was everything I expected and then some. I love everything about this album. I felt like he’d finally found his sound and he made a masterpiece. In his early music his autotune was kind of all over the place. This album had a lot of songs that were great, a few of my favorites are Through the Late Night, First Take, Lose, theres more, but those are just a few. I think he mixes a great sound with like futuristic beats.

I thought it was absolutely crazy that he wasn’t at least nominated for a grammy. Everybody who listened to this album could tell that he put a lot of time and effort into it and showed. This album is going to be hard to top because in my opinion it was great. If and only if he can top this album, I believe he will get a grammy. I’ve actually grown to love Travis Scott, not in like a weird way, but I appreciate everything he puts out. I also like Travis Scott because he bought his family a brand new house and a lot of celebrities get to a certain point and forget about the people that were truly there from the start. I thought that was a beautiful gesture and I believe he did it out of love. A lot of people don’t really like Travis Scott, but in time I think he’ll grow into a superstar in the end and win plenty of grammies. d4f4a8446685b32095799e1affbae6db-640x640x1


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